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Getting Started

There are many facets to an optimized website and its development requires many skills sets. Developing a website is kind of like writing a book.

Please contact us so we can help you through this process and make it happen for you.

Book and Website Analogy

Book Website
Title Domain Name
Cover Home Page
Chapters Pages
Content Content
Printing Coding
Publishing Hosting
Publisher Hosting Server
Marketing SEO
Picture Placement Design
Author Webmaster
Table of Contents Menu
Index Search

New Website Initial Questions

The form below is what we complete in an initial interview with clients who need a new website. We prefer to do this in person to cultivate the optimum foundation for your website.

Knowing the questions we are going to ask can help you to prepare for your interview. If it is not possible to meet in person, you can complete the form as best you can, and we can continue the process on the phone, with Skype, or with video conferencing.

If you are completing this on your own and do not know the answer to any of these just skip them. Some of these questions might not even pertain to your project.

    Today's Date

    Your First and Last Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    The Best Number to Contact you: (required)

    Alternate Phone

    What is the company or organization name for the site?

    What domain names you have registered for the site?

    Who is the registrar for the domain names, i.e., GoDaddy, Network Solutions, South County Websites, etc.?

    Who registered (registrant) the domain names?

    It is best to use our server to build and host your site because we have the tools necessary to expedite your project, monitor your site for SEO, and gather important data that can help you optimize marketing. If that is agreeable with you, please provide the following information that will allow us to move the DNS (Domain Name Server) to our server.

    Domain User Name

    Domain Password

    If you already have a hosting server and want us to use it, we will need the following information.

    FTP address

    FTP user name

    FTP password

    Please provide any artwork files you have including your logo, business cards, stationary, print ads, pictures, and other images you want on your website.

    If you want the artwork that you provided above to appear on a specific page of your website, please tell us in the box below.

    Please provide the Hex, RGB or Pantone numbers for your company colors, if you know them.

    What pages do you want your website to have? Examples include: Home, About Us, Contact, Products, Services, Calendar, Mailing List, Blog, Photo Gallery, Portfolio, Forms, FAQs, etc.

    What other forms do you want on your site besides the Contact Us form and what information do you want to collect?

    What content do you want on each page?

    Please provide links to your competitor’s websites and tell us what you like, and what you don’t like. And tell us if they have something you definitely want to have on your website.

    Please provide links to other websites you like and tell us specifically what it is that you like about them.

    Please tell us what you don't like on websites and why.

    What will be your first promotion (if you are planning one)?

    Please provide information for your newsletter or blog if you want one.

    What do you want on the Home Page? What is your main message? Do you have a "tag line." Do you want a slide show, and if so what type (fade, slices, etc.)?

    Do you like a lot of action on the Home Page and/or other pages? Please see the Home Page on South County Websites
    for an example of action.

    What is your mission statement?

    What is your slogan?

    Please provide no more than 60 characters, in order of importance, that your customers would use to search the Internet to find you. These words will be used as Meta Tag KeyWords to enhance SEO but are not part of Google's algorithm.

    Please give us a brief description, no more than 160 characters, of what your company is all about. This will be the Meta Tag Description to enhance SEO on the Home Page.

    Please select any items below that you want on your site:

    What social media links do you want? Examples include: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. and what are the links to them? We can also create any of these for you if you don’t have them and need our help.

    Please provide any links to information that will help us build your site such as Yelp or Facebook.

    What other URLs do you want linked to your site?

    What email address do you want and will it be the same for all domains? (This comes with our hosting at no extra charge.)

    Please select what type of site you want if you have a preference.

    What is your budget?

    When does the site need to go live?

    Additional Comments