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Basic SEO Package


The items listed below are included in the Basic SEO Package.

This includes all of the most important SEO items.

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Managed SEO Services:

The services below are included. To see an explanation, click on the item.

Your Domain Submitted to Search Engines
Search engines will find your site eventually most of the time but we submit your domain name to the top search engines every month to make sure it is listed properly and has the highest ranking possible.
Blogs Distributed to Industry Related Sites
Blogs, which stands for weB LOG, are very important to SEO because people search for information on how to do a project and then realize you are the expert so they decide to hire you instead of risking doing an unprofessional job themselves.
Online Reputation Management
Websites like:,, & etc. can damage your reputation and all the hard work you have done enhancing SEO. Competitors will often use this trick but we have proprietary methods of fixing these problems.
Descriptive Page Titles for Every Page
We carefully select descriptive page titles with important keywords that are unique to every page.
Meta Tag Descriptions for Every Page
Meta descriptions are very important because they dictate how your pages are shown in search results. For optimum effectiveness meta descriptions should be 70-160 characters long and contain carefully selected keywords for optimum SEO. We make sure each page of your website has a unique meta description.
Meta Tag Keywords and Phrases
Meta keywords are words or phrases that pertain to your site’s content. We carefully select meta tag keywords and phrases for every page.
SEO Friendly Heading Tags
We implement HTML headings because search engines look for keywords in HTML code. The initial heading
should include your best keywords. Using only one heading per page will strengthen SEO. Using the wrong words can downgrade your PageRank.
Alt Tags for all images
Adding Alt text to your images allows search engines to index the descriptions. Search engines do not detect images but they do detect image descriptions. This also makes your site ADA compliant; when a blind person uses software to read the page, they will hear descriptions of any images.
Text/HTML Ratio
Your website’s ratio of text to HTML code should be at least 15%. We strengthen your SEO by increasing the recurrence of keywords and optimizing the text/HTML ratio.  We do the best we can but this depends on your content text lenghts.
Frames or Tables
If your site uses Frames or Tables for the page layouts that is hurting your SEO and the pages are not displaying properly on smart phones. Frames also makes it hard for search engines to index pages because it does not follow the standard layout for a website. If your site is more than a few years old, chances are there are additional oversights hurting your SEO. We can fix that.
Submission of Robots.txt File
This file restricts the activity of search engine crawlers and stops them from accessing certain pages and directories. A robots.txt file also locates the XML sitemap. We submit a Robots.txt file to search engines so they will be up to date with your site’s changes.
XML Sitemaps Submitted to Search Engines
An XML sitemap lists URLs that can be crawled and may offer other information such as how often you update and when your last update occurred. With an XML sitemap, search engines can index your website more accurately. We submit an updated XML sitemap to search engines every month.
Language Tags
We declare the contents language in the HTML code of each page. We also declare the language code in the URL. Without this tag search engines have to use more code to detect the language. This will lower your PageRank.
Declaring a character/language encoding will significantly strengthen your SEO. It also prevents complication when rendering special characters.
Google™ Analytics
Google™ Analytics monitors your website and shows how many visitors have been to your site and other useful statistics that help you adjust your marketing.
Geo Meta Tags
Geo meta tags provide your business location information.
Your Favicon is a mini logo that appears on the page tab and displays as a favorite on the visitors toolbar to remind them of your site.
Boosts the loading speed of your pages. This is not available for all frameworks.
Your Company on
To reach users that search for products and services on, we complete the application and get your company’s information listed properly on
Google Business Listing
We complete your business listing on Google Business  with your products, services and other information about your company.
Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is an easy way to make your pages load instantly on any mobile device. AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast. AMP HTML is HTML with some restrictions for reliable performance and some extensions for building rich content beyond basic HTML. You can check this Google support page or AMP project guide.
Meta viewport
A viewport controls how a webpage is displayed on a mobile device. Without a viewport, mobile devices will render the page at a typical desktop screen width, scaled to fit the screen. Setting a viewport gives control over the page’s width and scaling on different devices.
Specifying a doctype assists your web browser in correctly rendering your content.

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