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Website Development


Our Website Development includes up to 8 pages, hosting and many other services listed below.

It does not include: website design, logo design & corporate identity or E-commerce. These items can be added for an additional charge.


Website Development

Our Website Development includes the items listed below. To see an explanation, click on the item.

Server Uptime Monitoring 24/7
Your website is on a computer’s hard drive that is connected to the Internet. There are many things that could stop it from working. The computer could crash, get a virus, experience a power outage or get hacked. The Internet connection could also be disrupted for many reasons. We monitor your site to make sure it’s still displaying properly and working at all times. If it is not, our monitoring system sends us a message and we go to work to resolve the problem immediately to get your site back online ASAP.
Unlimited Changes From You
This includes up to an hour per month for content updates and changes from you.
Framework and Software Updates
Just like virus protection on your computer, framework and additional important software updates are critical to keep your site from being hacked, and to keep your site displaying properly and SEO friendly. When these updates are announced we install them immediately.
Your Site Linked to Other Sites Helps SEO
We link your site to our Portfolio page, at your option, and to our other clients if there is a mutual agreement.
Weekly Blacklist Check
It is possible that your site could get blacklisted causing it to have no SEO ranking at all and when someone goes to your site a big warning window pops ups saying: Warning! this site has been blacklisted… We check this weekly to make sure this doesn’t happen. If it is blacklisted we fix it ASAP.
Website and Email Server Hosting
Your website and email have to be hosted somewhere to be on the Internet. Hosting fees run anywhere from, less than $50/year to hundreds of dollars per month, depending on the quality of service provided. Your email is also on this same server. We provide top quality email and website hosting on our dedicated servers.
Domain Name Registration Currency Check
Your Domain Name (URL) has to be registered and requires an annual fee. If this fee is not paid on time, your domain name will no longer be registered and can be sold to someone else, probably your competitor who can then capitalize on all your hard work and marketing efforts. Once this happens your competitor’s site will be displayed instead of yours when customers are trying to see your site. We monitor your domain name registration currency, and when the annual fee is due, we make sure it is paid.
SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring
If you are not monitoring this and your SSL certificate expires, your site will display a message telling your visitors your site has an invalid certificate instead of displaying your site.
Monthly Reports of Visitors aka Web Stats
We provide monthly reports from Google Analytics, AW Stats and Webalizer stats that show you how many visitors went to your site, which pages they visited, what type of computer they used, what country they are from, their IP address, trends and much more that can help you adjust your marketing efforts to maximize impact.
Weekly Submission of Site Map to Search Engines
An updated site map submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask that insures every page  on your site is cataloged by the most used search engines.
You have full access and control of your server in a graphical interface so you can easily do things such as: create your own email accounts and change passwords, see your web stats at any time and hundreds of other functions
Your site and server is fully managed
We take care of everything so you don’t have to including daily backups, server and website updates and all the other technical items that are necessary to keep your site up and running

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Website Development

Website Development & hosting 1 to 8 Pages

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