Adobe Logo Scam AlertQuite often Adobe sends an update for Flash.  When you install the update Adobe sneaks applications on to your computer such as McAfee, True Key, ASK or even change your browser settings, unless you are watching very closely.  And even then, sometimes there is no option to not install the update without installing an unwanted application on your computer.  I often wonder if those updates are really needed or Adobe has just made a deal with one of these companies.

Since Windows 8, Windows Defender comes with the operating system so there is no longer a need for 3rd party, anti-virus software.  In fact, 3rd party anti-virus software are  now the cause many problems because they are integrated into the operating system.

Sometimes it is very difficult to uninstall the unwanted application.  I have previously written a post on how to un-install True Key for this reason.  Sometime the un-wanted application is named very differently than what it shown so you can’t find it. If you have an un-wanted application on your Windows computer and cannot figure out how to remove it give me a call at 775-410-7192 or contact me by clicking here.

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