Monthly Maintenance ServiceThe full service website development company, is now offering clients access to full maintenance for their website and server


(South Lake Tahoe, CA) There are over one billion websites on the World Wide Web today. With this high volume of competition, it is more important than ever before to have a site that not only functions properly but also provides a dynamic, problem-free user experience.

In an effort to help business owners maintain their website and server, Dynamic Web Development has launched a new effort providing this service.

“With more businesses going online, trying to get their website to the top of search engine rankings, it is extremely important for business owners to invest in regular Website and Server Maintenance,” stated company representative Robert Kushner. “The World Wide Web is the new Yellow Pages and while maintenance wasn’t necessary with the Yellow Pages, it is a must with websites. Browsers are regularly updated, server software changes and more, if you fail to keep up, your site may fall from the SERPs and it can be extremely difficult to regain rank.”

The monthly maintenance service offered by Dynamic Web Development provides clients with 24/7 server uptime monitoring, software and framework updates, unlimited changes from clients, websites linked to other sites to assist with SEO, email and website server hosting, blacklist check, domain name registration currency check, cPanel, SSL certificate expiration monitoring and more.

“If you aren’t watching or monitoring your site to make sure it not only functions properly but looks great, then it may not be,” continued Kushner. “If this happens, your traffic may lull and you may fall to a lower rank. Also, the people who do land on your side won’t see or have the experience you want them to have. Our monitoring services can ensure all of these situations are eliminated.”

Additional information about Web Development, website, and server maintenance can be found by visiting the Dynamic Web Development website.


Dynamic Web Development is a full-service company, offering a wide array of design and development services for website owners. Some of the most requested services offered by this company including internet marketing, email, hosting, video production, forums, blogs, search engine optimization, proofreading, creative content, architecture, artwork and graphic design. In addition to the aforementioned services, clients can also receive ongoing weekly and monthly maintenance and monitoring services along with any needed updates to keep their site functional and aesthetically pleasing for anyone who lands on it.

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