Brian YoungI tried four SEO consultants. Each took my money and produced nothing. In fact the primary investment almost put me out of business as my lead yield dried up to nest to nothing. Then I hired Robert Kushner. Within days I saw a marked improvement in my lead yield. Whatever he was doing was working and quickly. The prior consultants all said it would take at least 3 months before I’d see improvements.

It’s been a month now and I’m having trouble keeping up with all of the leads. My  computer knowledge is below average and I’m always running into small and aggravating issues. In the past I’d ignore them or resort to the Geek Squad. They were expensive and I always had to return multiple times to get the job completed. Now, I call Robert. He makes himself available off hours and eliminates my issues quickly. He’s also more affordable than the others and a easy to work with.  Hire Robert Kushner and your business will quickly grow! The proof is in the number of leads you receive and isn’t that what matters.

Brian Young – Fuller Modular Homes – Suffield, CT